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We can fabricate custom design Calibration Charts based on customer specification. These include Siemens Stars, Gratings, Slits, Slit pairs, Pinholes, Apertures, and Random Hole Arrays, which can be used as diffusers for Diffraction Imaging Experiments. Where necessary, the thickness of tungsten is carefully selected for phase shifting of the wave-front at the intended operating energy.

For absorption in High Energy X-rays (>5 KeV), we can use up to 3 µm tungsten or gold or a combination of the two for increased absorption, with aspect ratios (AR) up to 20.

For Medium Energy X-rays (1-5 KeV), we use 0.5 to 1 µm tungsten.

For Low Energy X-rays (200 -1000 eV), we use 90 - 150 nm tungsten.

For UV or LEEM/PEEM/Fluorescence samples, we use very thin layers (<50 nm) of a wide range of materials, such as Tungsten, Gold, Nickel, Germanium, Molybdenum, Niobium, Titanium, Si4N3, Silicon, Platinum, Lead etc...

Two examples of Custom Calibration Charts can be found here

We can use customer art work in simple Windows BMP file as a source for E-beam lithography, which allows for easy insertion of customer logos or any other type of structure on the calibration samples.

Please E-mail to discuss your requirements, and the current availability of stock Calibration Charts.